Monday, December 19, 2005

Crying at the Discotheque. Again

Well It's almost christmas. I haven't actually done any shopping yet or even thought about it. Oops, (sorry for lack of postings - I have been promoted at work so all my 'surf random sites and blog' time is being used by actual work (I know, how quaint)). Yes me promoted. I'm now senior online marketing guy. Woo-Hoo

Anyway the reason I'm writing is that I just found out that Alcazar have split up :(

Phil, Sue Ellen and I are obviously in mourning and the flags above London, Madrid and Sydney town hall are at half mast (I think to be honest this is all the excuse Sue needs to drag up as one of those Spanish Peasant Grannies with a donkey and lots of Oranges and wail her way round the town square). At least this paves the way for a multitude of Alcazar tribute bands...

Friday, November 18, 2005

How To Get Ahead in Advertising...

Advertising/Marketing - it's all the same thing. Could also be filed under 'how to fill your bar up'. I am of course talking about Madonna at G-A-Y this Saturday and the amazing lengths you have to go to to get tickets (before I start sounding like I'm bitter - couldn't be arsed with the crush).

1) Between last Friday and tonight find Jeremy Joseph in the G-A-Y bar/Club, convince him that you are/let him recognise you as a G-A-Y regular and then you get a voucher

2)Go queue tomorrrow from 10am at the G-A-Y bar and join either line 'a' or line 'b' and-

if you are in line a) Queue with your little ticket and you may get a voucher

if you are in line b) For all the people without a little ticket, you will get any wristbands that are left after said queue 'a' have had theirs.

All in all a good idea of making sure that the Madonna night at G-A-Y is populated by g-a-y regulars and not just every rancid Queen and/or Madonna fan muscles in no?...

However several of my friends have been in the G-A-Y bar this week and asked for vouchers, the response they always get from Mr Joseph?

'Ho Ho Ho. I'm not giving vouchers out tonight' - as i said, good way to make your bar full! I'm sure the club has been similarly packed all week. Having said that I know some people that have got wristbands, mainly 18(ish) year old twinks. Maybe there's some correlation. Who knows?

Anyway I hope my mates that want tickets get them, I know they are all going to Camp Attack tonight. I just hope that, being regulars, they are not left in queue b tomorrow...


Monday, November 07, 2005


He deserves a whole blog to himself really, however for the meantime he'll have to be content with sharing the Silk Flower and Tea light shrine to Diana in my bedroom.

He just sent me the links to his leaving party photographs. And in fact it's worth noting that he's generally a very good photographer!

He looks a bit Cell Block H on the main pic though...

Mike x

Scene Out

I didn't mention this last week but the lovely man that runs has seen my writings on here and various websites and asked me to become a regular reviewer for his site and the weekly 'Mirrorballs' email that they send out. I of course am chuffed and tackled my first assignment on Saturday at Wig-Out. You can look at the results below!

That is all (though Wig-Out is a f***ing cracking club!)

Mike :)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

"He looks A bit like the Dali Lama..."

No seriously this was a quote last night. Dale thought that he'd found Nirvana in Barcode, then he realised it was just a twat with a big scarf.

We honestly went out for one drink last night, I was supposed to meet up with the lovely Vicki for a beer and a catch up, then the news came that Leah (who's birthday I think should be a Bank Holiday) was coming, finally Dale announced his attentions to attend. So as you can imagine it was to be a messy night.

We consumed at least a crate full of San Miguel between us, danced around to Sam Fox, Westlife, Spice Girls, Girls Aloud et al. And we severally denounced Kelly Clarkson, Daniel Porkingfield and Jessica Simpson's appalling cover of 'Boots' (Nancy Sinatra must be spinning in her, umm, boots). Vicki of course also befriended the gays she liked and told the ones she didn't to 'move along', dazzling all with her gypsy dancing and bewitching stealing of ciggies "yes it's a pain trying to give up in't it love!".

Suddenly it was ten o'clock, we'd been harassed by just off the boat Aussies (who of course Dale wasn't interested in, well not at ten pm, ask him again about midnight and he changes his tune), Some sort of Rocky Alike had freaked us out, and the girls felt it was time to leave (to my knowledge Vicki left with all her possessions and hasn't got one bruise! Cor blimey that's a rarity!).

Then The boy Sparky and myself trawled off to Barcode, where we saw said Dali Lama, and commented that the world was an ugly place on Wednesday evenings. The world also has strange women 'MCing' in the code on Wednesdays, it was quite good I must admit despite the ugly patrol (having said that they might have thought the same about me).

Anyway to cut a long story short (too late), the night wasn't good for getting men. However we did have a good bop and then I toddled off home. Where Dale went remains a mystery, but he assures me that he has his Mojo back, thanks to our just off the boat friend


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trade: 15th Birthday Special!!!

First of all - WOW!!!

The way I was going on a few of my friends were saying 'ooh you know when you big these things up to yourself they're never as good as you expect', how wrong they were...
Got there fresh from the delights of XXL at around 5:15am Sunday (BST), the queueing system worked fantastically, the doorstaff were their usual friendly but firm selves, the people were of course as friendly as ever...

Then of course there was the music. I didn't leave the lite lounge for about 4 hours I got so carried away before I realised that there was the main room I was missing out on. In between catching up with people I haven't seen for ages (including a hilarious 'big business' moment with Martin's double),and harassing the fruit tray man for one more Banana I sampled the delights of the main room - It was Blinding sets all round and A very happy monkey I am indeed.
I'd like to buy Gonzalo a cup of tea/Pint for giving me the most fun I had with my trousers on all day.
My 15th Birthday CD is proudly stuck to my wall! Muchos Gracias to the trade collective, they're like the Borg collective only with better disco lights and nicer queens. I Can't wait til the next special...

Friday, October 21, 2005

He's leaving on A Jet Plane...

Actually he's gone. Who would have ever thought that Phil's time here would be at an end, and he'd be flying back home to Tohwoonga or Wahroonga or wherever the hell he's from (that's Sydney to the uneducated poms among us).

After a whirlwind leaving party (leaving week actually - pics included), it was with a heavy heart we trudged to the airport on Wednesday, actually it wasn't that bad. I think we both know that true friendships last. Plus I'm surrounded by all my other wonderful friends here like Rach, sparky and others too numerous to mention. We were both quite tearful when he went but the cute man from Virgin asked me if I was alright (of course I milked this), also my last sight of Phil was him bumbling into a wall which is the epitome of him!

Racheal Voguing to attract men (top) Me and the Pipster (below)

So no more (for a while at least) £1.60 drinks at G-A-Y bar/Chatting up old queens for drinks in Barcode/Girls Aloud (Jump!)/
Belinda Carlisle (almost)/Alcazar/Phixx/Darren Hayes fun with me old mucker Phil. Though he did give me a dowry of all his old shit he didn't want (if anyone wants a bathmat, I have two. I have to ask why Phil bought two bath mats but the answer mystifies me!)

I know everyone else will miss him as much as me, looking forward now to Sydney 2006!

Racheal likes to Vogue, she finds it attracts
strange men. Not all of them Gay!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


My god, I don't know why I haven't posted this, TRADE is back on for a 15th birthday special. Do you know what trade is? Possibly the best club i have EVER been to in my life. Down at Turnmills in farringdon. You can look at the website here

Taking young Mr Wileman as he has never been, I'm so excited. Full stop, the end.